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Welcome to associate movers and packers, we are renowned packing and moving services imparting eminent services from 2012. We provide a complete solution for household and commercial moving across the cities of India. Fill the form to avail our Packing and moving service in short time span at reasonable prices.

Why Associate Packers?

Moving your vehicle to your new location can be a complex as well as a tiresome process. The complexity intensifies if you are moving a very long distance and you own more than one vehicle and want all the vehicles in your possession to be moved to your desired location. Selling is often considered a better option to lighten the load. You often tend to think, why go through so much trouble when you can just sell it? But selling is not a wise decision; on the contrary, it is a foolish one, because even if you sell it, eventually you will have to buy another one to conduct your day to day business in the city you are moving to now. What will you do when you relocate again? Sell your vehicle?

  • We provide you with solutions to end this cycle of buying and selling every time you move or relocate. We specialize in automobiles shipping.
  • We transport your vehicles on an open truck, the likes of which are used to by suppliers for making the delivery of new cars to the dealers or in an enclosed truck.
  • We quote prices based on distance, weight, and model of the vehicle. We also charge depending on the kind of routes it takes to reach you, for example, we charge less if the location you are moving to is connected to the location you are moving from with excellent roads but the rates may spike if we have to take a hilly road to reach your destination.
  • We also offer the alternative of providing you with a person who can drive you car all the way to your new location. However, it depends on the availability of driver and may take longer to be delivered to you. You can check our credentials and track records by going through the assistance we have provided to so many other clients.


  • We have a certificate of insurance to ensure that your vehicle will be insured during transit.
  • We also provide written agreement which is binding in any court of law, in this country.
  • We transport your vehicle securely and on time.
  • We also provide our clients with the best customer service to help them answer any questions or doubts that a client may have regarding our company.

Shipping Process

Depending on the size of the possession our professor will prepare an estimate depending on the men, truck, finance required and will guide you with the helpful tips for shipping process. Once you receive your estimate, you need to inform the officer to plan your shipping date.

Once you do business with us, you will never have to reconsider any other company for relocating your vehicle.

About Associate Packers and Movers

Associate Packers And Movers providing a best services of Transportation, Packing Of Articles, Warehouse And Storage, Loading And Unloading, Unpacking, Local Shifting, Car Shifting, Household And Office Shifting in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh).